HireLogic is a brand new software package for hire and rental businesses, built from the ground up in collaboration with those business. Using the latest cutting edge technologies, the system is easy to use and built to last.

In The Cloud

If ever there was an industry where remote access to data was suitable, the hire and rental industry is it. As you will know, it requires a significant amount of fieldwork, be that delivering equipment, or performing a customer site visit, with HireLogic all of your information is accessible via a few taps of your smartphone.

Unlike other hire and rental software packages who have selected certain features and enabled them in the cloud, our software is developed entirely as a web application – all functionality is available via the web. In addition to this, you don’t need to invest heavily in the latest pieces of hardware to run the software on, HireLogic is supported on the most basic smartphones, tablets, and computers – all you need is a web browser to access it.

Your data is hosted securely at our data centres and each company has their own siloed database so there is no risk of unauthorised access to your data. With 99.999% uptime, our servers are highly reliable – enabling your hire or rental business to get the job done all of the time.

Easy To Use

When we started to build HireLogic, we done our homework and looked at the existing software solutions for hire and rental companies. What we found in many cases was that they were very difficult to use, users are often bombarded with dozens of fields, and this can lead to confusion. In the best case, this confusion leads to delays in getting your work done, in the worst case this leads to mistakes. Delays and mistakes cost money.

We have taken a different direction with HireLogic. Although hire and rental software needs to help you accomplish complex tasks, it doesn’t mean they have to be confusing or difficult to use. Each of our screens has gone through a careful design process with ease of use in mind, and has been implemented in line with the latest usability standards.

If you do run into issues using HireLogic, our helpdesk is only a click away. On every screen there is a messaging box in the bottom right corner, where you can contact our team and receive a response within seconds.

Frequent Updates

We work by listening to our users feedback, and any suggestions they have for new features, or changes to existing features. Because of this we are delivering updates every few weeks. Regardless of what plan you sign up for, you receive these updates as soon as they are available.