Posts about recent updates to HireLogic and tips on running your hire or rental company.

Know Your Numbers

With HireLogic we have made it easier for you to get a clear picture of your hire business. This short post is going to explain why it is important to know your numbers, and how our hire and rental software has made it easier for you to know them.

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Finally, an easy way to manage your hire website and take bookings online

Simultaneously, we have made maintaining your website listings easier, as well as streamlining the customer booking process, not to mention the ease at which you can now collect deposits

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Equipment Booking in HireLogic

Our latest update to HireLogic has brought some exciting new functionality in the form of Bookings. Read more to find out how you can better organise your hire business with an advanced Hire Management Software package like HireLogic. It’s easy to stick to the good old-fashioned tools we know to accomplish a task, because the […]

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HireLogic Now Has a Free Tier

HireLogic is not only stress free, it can also be cost free! We have launched a pricing tier which enables you to get free hire software. Did you know, you could get cutting-edge hire and rental software for free? If you process up to 20 transactions per month, HireLogic will cost you absolutely nothing! You […]

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Introducing HireLogic – the perfect tool for your equipment rental business

HireLogic is a brand new software package for hire and rental businesses, built from the ground up in collaboration with those business. Using the latest cutting edge technologies, the system is easy to use and built to last. In The Cloud If ever there was an industry where remote access to data was suitable, the […]

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